What is Black fungus in Covid-19 patients? Symptoms and Treatment

Mucormycosis a severe fungal infection has been observed in many Covid-19 patients recently. Whereas there is no major occurrence, the national Covid task force has issued a suggestion.

Serious fungal infection is known as mucormycosis and colloquially as “black fungus”, is being observed frequently among Covid-19 patients in many states. The disease often appears in the skin and affects the brain and the lungs. With several mucormycosis cases detected in Maharashtra, Delhi, and Gujarat, specialists in the national Covid-19 task force issued an evidence-based recommendation on the disease.

What is the Disease?                                                    

It is a serious infection and caused by a group of molds which is known as micromycetes that exist naturally in the environment. It affects those who are on medication for health issues that lessen their capability to fight environmental pathogens.

What Happens when One Contracts it?

Warning signs include redness and pain around the nose or eyes, with headache, fever, coughing, bloody vomits, shortness of breath, and tainted mental status. As per the advisory, infection with micromycetes be supposed to be alleged when there is:

What’s the Treatment?

mucormycosis may ultimately need surgery. Doctors said that it is important to reduce steroid use, control diabetes, and put an end to immunomodulating drugs. To sustain sufficient systemic hydration, the treatment comprises infusion of normal saline before infusion of antifungal therapy and amphotericin B.

Experts stressed the need to control hyperglycemia, and check blood glucose level after releasing following Covid-19 treatment. in diabetics must use steroids judiciously correct timing, exact dose and duration are significant.

Management of Covid-19 patients with mucormycosis is a team endeavor involving internal medicine specialists, microbiologists, intensivist neurologists, ophthalmologists, dentists, ENT specialists, surgeons, and others.

What is Mucormycosis?

Mucormycosis, called black fungus, is an exceptional but grave fungal infection caused by a fungus called micromycetes, which is abundant in the environment. It affects people who have health issues or take medicines that lessen the body’s aptitude to fight sickness and germs.


These include redness and pain around the eyes or nose, headache, fever, coughing, bloody vomits, shortness of breath, and distorted mental status. Warning signs can as toothache, loosening of teeth, and blurred otherwise double vision with pain.

Who is Vulnerable?

Those who have a health issue or take medicines that decrease the physical capability to fight sickness and germs. These embrace those with cancer, diabetes, etc.


Make use of masks if you are visiting outside, Long trousers, Wear shoes, long-sleeved shirts, and gloves. Uphold personal hygiene counting a thorough scrub bath.


It depends on the location of the supposed infection. A model of fluid from your respiratory system is possibly collected for testing in the laboratory. Otherwise, a CT scan of your sinuses, lungs, etc can be conducted.

Mucormycosis requires to be treated with instruction antifungal medicine. In various cases, it can need surgery. It can lead to the ultimate loss of the upper jaw and an eye.


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