What is a Genetic disorder: types, causes and symptoms

A Genetic disorder is an illness which is caused by having a change in an individual’s DNA order. Many of them get genetic disorder from their parents, In some cases, genetic mutations may occur randomly because of environmental exposure. Scientists have identified that more than 4,000 diseases  and these are caused by the transformation.

Genes play a role model for building inheritance. These are circulated from parents to children, they are potential to function for holding DNA. That is brought in use for making proteins, and They work to transfer molecules from one to another place. When there is insufficient functioning by protein then it may lead to cause a genetic disorder. Genetics is a division of biology, that is concerned with the study of genes, heredity in organisms and variation. All biologists need to know about the molecular mechanism.

Types of inherited genetic disorders

Many varieties are found of genetic disorders are as follow

  • Multifactorial inheritances
  • Chromosome abnormalities
  • Multifactorial abnormalities
  • Mitochondrial inheritance

Symptoms and signs  

Genetic disorder symptoms are not equal for all patients that can differ markedly for everyone. Some are common signs such as:

  • Short neck
  • Small head
  • Ears flat and lower than normal position
  • Tongue looks too long for the mouth
  • Wide hands
  • Flat face
  • Weaken muscles
  • Joints flexible

Genetic disorders can be categorized into three types:

  • Single gene disorders:
  • Multifactorial disorders:
  • Chromosomes disorders:

Some examples that get through multifactorial disorders

  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease
  • Arthritis
  • obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Colour blindness
  • Cancer
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Height
  • Having Twins
  • Acne
  • Eye colour
  • Fingerprint patterns
  • Skin colour

Some examples that get through mitochondrial disorders

Mitochondrial disorders cause through the female parents, which make a change due to non-nuclear DNA of the mitochondrial. These are in the small round as well as rod-like organelles which are included in cellular respiration. In each of the mitochondrial can contain between 5 to 10 pieces in the circular of DNA.

Present Trends in Gene discovery

Just after the human genome has been sequenced, scientists have begun showing interest to research for polygenic diseases from monogenic diseases, which contain too many genes. Behind showing their enthusiasm towards research in polygenic diseases there are many reasons. Researchers are facing many problems for identifying families with DNA comparison between affected and not affected members.  Biotechnology companies, funding agencies and pharmaceutical companies are not that much interested to invest financial sources on rare diseases.

Stronger genes between mother and father

Many of us want to know about parents from whom the child gets the most dominating genes. New research has highlighted that inherited genes from paternal are stronger as compare to maternal.

During pregnancy genetic disorder can be prevented with taking proper precautions.

  • Consume vitamin Folic acid (B) every day
  • Ignore insidious substances
  • Don’t take often alcohol during pregnancy time
  • Maintain healthy choices
  • live a healthy lifestyle
  • taking efficient medications during pregnancy from a healthcare provider
  • keep maintain diabetes

Autism is a genetic disorder.

It has found that autism is the basis of genetic, although it is not clear and complex. This is rarely clarified by multigene communication or by infrequently changes with its major effects.

Can genetic disorders be cured

Genetic disorders are less curable but chances to prevent. This is said that it is one of the caused among many for infant mortality. Genes are more powerful when the condition comes to the birth of a new child. Most of the genetic disorders can make changes in every cell of the body. many time this disorder affects many body’s systems, that which are not likely to cure. Therefore, there are fewer chances to treat some kind of signs as well as symptoms.

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