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what do you feel? live in relationship is offense or not

The live in relationship concept allows a legal willing couple to live together. After marriage living together, it has no objection from society but without marriage, live along with choice partners raise plenty of questions. Some developed nations have lawful rights to live in relationship. The human rights Act says that everyone has their own fundamental right for their life, no one can interfere if it is personal. Therefore, couples who are in relationship, If both want to live together then they should be authorized without hesitancy. Several legal marriage frauds are disclosing on media like already married, affairs before marriage, lesbian, and Gay.

It is not wrong if couples are matured and deserved to take their own responsibility then it doesn’t create any problem for them and others. Most of the time it happens that the couple decides to get close in relation but others make the barrier for them, this kind of activity is not allowed in Indian society as per Hindu law, strictly it is prohibited, not allowed unknown persons combine in one shade. There are numerous marriage dispute cases pending in courts that have filed a petition from both sides. Married people who are unsatisfied in legal marry are not legally allowed for another marriage hence feel need for outside affair where they get peace, love, and care.

Child marriage acts forbid teenager marriage before eighteen for girls and twenty years for boys, health care social volunteers continuously working awareness campaigning in an academic institution, media, and panchayat and highlighting disadvantages of it. Nowadays developed family allows their children to live in relation to marriage with someone before marriage to understand each other’s and it is common now. This is happening because of adopting western culture and why not change is important ‘change with change otherwise change will change you’, This is the modern concept.

Different varieties are in living in relationship, married man and unmarried women that is understood illegal, and punished by Indian panel court. an unmarried man and unmarried woman that is understood the simple type, and is mutual relation. married women and unmarried men in sexual relations. one more homosexual relation is not defined as a marriage, therefore, there is no law mentioned till. In India, there are many celebrates, and high politicians who are living in relationship but they are never pointed but if cases, belongs from tribal communities then deliberately those are highlighted.

A number of reasons will come up if try to find why they need to live in relation without the marriage of couples, due to coming close the world not just youth but married and elders also involving in a living relation. youth has lot of craze for sexual affection during study period, cause of social networking sites, smartphones, high qualification, and surroundings, that attack over their brain more, they captivate towards sexuality. it is not just now, but being run for long years. Because of illiteracy citizens were not conscious and courageous hence used to kill their desire. people were feeble that’s why they weren’t going against their elders.

We say, we are the part of 21 century but living with old thought, killing our own happiness it not like living an independent life. we are to not kill our wish for others ever, several examples are present in society that is evidence of couples without their any interest they get married to parent’s choice partner. How the marriage is going to be successful if there is no fit bounding with partners, both are unknown, no understanding each other, will they not hesitate these are the main causes of a failed marriage.

Life clarifies simple mean of it to understand but people don’t try to understand the mean of life they feel it is the part of life but the reality is quite different. If you feel happy with your partners then it gives you happy marriage feelings otherwise that becomes a hell of your life. Mean of living in relation with someone without marriage is called cohabitation, that varies with different mean. as per protesters women are contaminated and insulted their Character too.

Teenager marriage is a crime and, whoever involve in the overall arrangement of this are culprit, the child marriage act ban it strictly.  Public marriage act provides extra benefits, as compared to the living relationship, besides should be provision for that couple too. when till ancient thought will continue in country. On one side we call India is going to become a superpower country and other side living slavery life, no right for them.

If In case of bad relations happened, like deceive, death and breaking relations consequently couples should get the right of majesty in total affluence is to be share similar to each other to survive their life. A number of countries over the world support providing facilities to the local couple like registration, and domestic for a happy life.

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