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Meditation : superior way for anxiety and mental stress

“Silence is not an absence but a presence”.

Meditation is continuously performed from the long century on the earth with its enormous and incredible advantages, it is simple to meditate and available for practice without restriction. it benefits to resolve mental stress, rise calmness, brings happiness, shows clearness, makes more awareness, directs positive way, self -confidence, change habits and many more. Many humans don’t believe themselves that arriving thought inside the mind, cannot control by them. Most of them don’t know what is meditation, without knowing anything about how to perform meditation they undertake that it is such a ritual to be performed with candles and incense.

Some of them think due to busy schedule are unable to give special time to meditate, but not needed to find extra time for meditation it’s different than their thinking. An empty stomach is good to perform meditation, at morning and evening time for 10 to 15 minutes. After doing meditation and before meditation 5 minutes are a crucial time to get relax the body. The time after coming out from meditation be silent, do not talk and think, need to observe yourself what is happenings inside. at the end remember good thought and celebrate it as success within mind, it would be an amazing experience for everyone doing meditation. “Meditation is like a gym in which you develop the powerful mental muscles of calm and insight.”

How to perform meditation

  • Position can be with sitting or lying on a chair.
  • We need to close our eyes without stress.
  • Stop thinking, focus on breathing’s movement.
  • Breath in and out slowly with consciousness mind.
  • Straight body in sitting position.
  • Keep hand’s palm on knees.
  • Pay attention to inner running things while inhalation and exhalation.

Advantages of practicing meditation                                         

  • Get control on emotion
  • Get calm and stress-free
  • Makes conscious mind
  • Grow decision power
  • Enhance observation
  • Overcome distressful situation
  • Keep healthy physical and mental
  • Change behavior
  • way to out of anxiety

Meditation is classified based on culture, religious tradition as well as spiritually. Mainly following are types of Meditation.

  • Zen Meditation
  • Vipassana Meditation
  • Loving Kindness Meditation
  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Mantra Meditation
  • Transcendental Meditation

The meditation’s practice is rising over the world, particularly in western culture people are following more practice. Japan and China countries are deep in the affection of meditation. The ratio of performing practice in the United State increasing rapidly. Meditation is performed in every religious with their rituals, that is mean with a clean mind what is done it is like a kind of meditation.

Happiness and misery are two facets of life, how to control it belongs to you. Ancient period monk, recluse and hermit used to meditate daily with tranquil in any circumstances and were not more esteemed so were living for long years. now people having more expectation, not caring themselves, fail to balance their mental and physical fitness due to suffering for Depression and it is the main source for weakening body. All trying to be fit without doing physical and mental exercise, but it plays a vital role in the body. Meditation is a kind of mental food which keeps mind energetic and fresh. It’s free of cost medicine over diseases, but most humans are unable to take the benefits of meditation.

Life is awesome, no boring but why it feels adverse because of ‘negative thinking’, but meditation gives you always ‘positive guidelines’, which transfer human from pessimistic to optimistic life. Punch and sole how are precious for a body, how it is connected with feelings do not know, but doing meditation anyone can go to the level of observation. We are beginners, that is why not going deeper, otherwise, it has a lot of achievement for that need to cross many stages through meditation. Strong desire and consistency may take to get Enlightenment.

Hello, I am Sandip Gaikwad, The blog belongs to me. I am the creator and an author of this blog. Nowadays, health-related issues are becoming common for youngsters and all age level due to hectic schedule. most of the human are ignoring to maintain their fitness. Therefore, with huge writing experience, I am trying on my best to circulate health awareness among all. This blog will offer preventive tips, relaxation and healing techniques that will keep you all healthy and fit.

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