How to lower your high blood pressure & simple practices to free

Blood pressure is the force of your blood that pushes against the wall of your veins. Every time during heartbeat blood pumps into arteries. Blood pressure goes highest when your heart beats pumping the blood. Mainly two types of blood pressure are classified one is the systolic pressure and another is the diastolic pressure.

During heart beats, pumping blood is called systolic pressure and the time when the heart is at rest condition is called diastolic pressure. Two numbers are measured during blood pressure reading, regularly systolic number comes above the diastolic number or before it. The Reading like 120/80 that means systolic is 120 and 80 will be for diastolic.

Blood pressure ranges less than 120/80 that it is called the normal blood pressure. Reading ranges 140/90 mmHg otherwise above 150/90 mmHg is considered to be high blood pressure. 150/90 mmHg for over 80 age. reading ranges between 120/80 is considered to be ideal.

Following table highlights, normal blood pressure ranges according to age.


               Female                Male
                 18                 120/80                 120/80
                 19-24                 120/79                 120/79
                 25-29                 120/80


Blood pressure causes serious issues

The factors which lead to high blood pressure comprise such as fat, more salt in the diet, high cholesterol, dangerous disease like kidney, hormone issues, diabetes are some chronic diseases. Parents or any other elder relatives from your family history with having high blood pressure.

Feelings when having high blood pressure

Several patients are suffering from high blood pressure but they do not find symptoms. With high blood pressure people likely to have intense feeling in their chest and head, dizziness, Light headedness and other signs.

Best technics for lowering blood pressure

  • Doing exercise daily is the easiest and effective way
  • Ignore to consume high sodium diet
  • High salt leads to raising blood pressure
  • Control of alcohol high intake
  • Live stress-free
  • Quit smoking
  • Consume a healthy diet

Below are items list that contains high sodium

  • Meats, bacon, sausage and ham
  • Canned soups
  • Dried soup mixes
  • Deli meats
  • Condiments
  • Frozen potatoes
  • Rice
  • Pasta
  • Snack foods

Healthiest drinks for balancing high blood pressure

Macrobiotic Nutritionist and Health Coach has recommended some drinks over maintaining high blood pressure

  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Non-fat milk
  • Lemon water
  • Methi water

The time of the day when blood pressure is at a high level.

Blood pressure is always in normal condition when you are sleeping, this begins rising a sometime before you wake up. Blood pressure goes up during the day and it reaches a high level in the mid-afternoon. Anxiety does not cause high blood pressure, but may temporarily spike in blood pressure

Blood Pressure types

Usually, find two kinds of pressure primary and secondary high blood pressure

Primary high blood pressure is a common type of high blood pressure. Most of the patients get this primary blood pressure, which is begun to develop with passing age. Secondary high blood pressure may cause due to using another medical condition. This kind of blood pressure can be cured by taking proper medicine, but most probably rises when stopping particular medicine. The sphygmomanometer is the device which is used to measure blood pressure with the help of a mercury tube against gravity.

Blood pressure is the force which transfers the blood through the circulatory system, it pushes oxygen and nutrients in the circulatory system that nourishes tissues and organs. It provides white blood cells as well as antibodies for boosting immunity. This helps to amass toxins through kidneys and liver.

Treatment over high blood pressure

Heart-healthy lifestyle, proper medicines are the treatment of high blood pressure. Several sufferers of blood pressures go with a provided treatment plan which is based on lifestyle changes, but doing exercise, consuming healthy food, heart-healthy juices may be more effective. Many times, get experiences that changing in lifestyle does not lower your high blood pressure. Controlling high blood pressure requires different types of medicines. The sphygmomanometer is the device which is used to measure blood pressure with the help of a mercury tube against gravity. Control weight, according to increasing weight blood pressure also rises.

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