Do you believe in aphorism “Prevention is better than Cure” – That fits Dengue virus too”.

Dengue is an extensive spread virus that is borne with biting of mosquitoes. It may spread more in the monsoon season because of the humid and warm climate. It is investigated by the well-known researches of global health that in arriving some years the number people are going to suffer from dengue disease, and quantity may exceed 1 billion. Mosquito of Dengue can bite anyone but Mostly the children play outside in evening and that is the insidious time of them to bite. That’s why need of the parents to be aware to keep safe you and your children out from dengue.

There are a number of cases of Dengue that have filed around the world and south part of India is having more suffer. Dengue is a very dangerous virus if it is not taken care of proper time, it may create a hazardous problem. The whole world of the research team is still trying to find vaccines on this terrible disease.

All should take care of their area with neat and clean: – It is essential all the time to keep clean inside the door along with outside area of the home. be alert for not storing any kind of steady water anywhere besides your living area. otherwise, mosquito can be played a vital role in the breed and spread Dengue over near there.

Consume high-quality food in diet: –

Each and Every one must prefer high nutrients food in their diet that can fight against dengue virus. Ginger, spinach, citrus, turmeric, nut, and almonds are healthy diet always, there are vegetables and noon-vegetables food as per your choice are available in market which have almost strong boosting power that can prevent you from such Dengue disease.

Try to cover maximum parts of the body: – We must be alert not to give any kind of chance to the mosquito to bite us. If you become successful in it. Then, there are fewer chances of you to get suffer from this kind of Danger disease. World health organizations have gone through severally studies of dengue. they stated it is fast Spreading virus because of mosquito, and climate is fully responsible for this.

Aware of Symptoms: – Dengue, is spread by mosquito bites but through symptoms, it can be identified is their dengue or not. Headache, vomiting, fever, pain are common symptoms. Once it is diagnosis that Dengue is confirmed then becomes easy to take proper medicine to get cure from the illness. There is a lot of treatment available in market to check persons suffered from Dengue or not. it depends on condition and symptoms of patients.                                                               

when a patient consults doctors for fever, he prescribes patients, to determine complete blood count test. through this test gets a certain idea about disease. But it is confirmed that due to suffering from Dengue gets low platelet which is very dangerous to health. once its lower platelet then difficult to recover it. proper treatment is necessary at that time.

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