Green tea with its benefits, ‘ayurvedic medicine gift by nature’

Green tea is one of the best beverages among all drinks. Green tea compiles nutrients which have positive effects over the body. It benefits the health and loss of weight. Green tea is a favourite drink over the world, mainly in East of Asia. Many researchers in nutrients have explained about green tea with its benefits. Green tea has also been using as a medicine in Ayurveda for several years. It has more benefits as compare to black tea whereas green tea has no fermentation process. Green tea includes nutrients and antioxidants that play a vital role in fresh mind and healthiness.

Drinking green tea is good for keep health strong and fresh mind, but morning and time between meal can give a more effective result. In some research have told that during the meal it can be taken but it may be risky for those who have weakness problem. The green tea made with leaves of camellia Sinensis. The green tea is originated from China, and in Japan, it is a very famous beverage. In Japan, people start their day by drinking green tea.

Drinking Green tea daily has an Amazing Benefits

  • Green tea helps to lower a blood pressure
  • It prevents a dangerous disease like cancer
  • Improves the brain functioning
  • Green tea aids to burns the fat
  • It assists on wrinkles and signs of ageing
  • It supports to slacken the risk of heart disease
  • It maintains a good Cholesterol level in blood.
  • Green tea assists in depression
  • Green tea prevents from brain cells damages

What quantity of green tea should be in a single day?

Green tea has some restriction for beverage Doses, even though it has benefits but everything has its limit. Three to four cups per day of green tea doses are sufficient to be fit and healthy if rises the quantity of intake may cause some health issues. Probably, it will be varying intake of green tea from person to person. because everybody’s digestion system is different therefore it will depend on their capacity.

What are the side effects of excess green tea doses?

Green tea is safe but it can be unsafe if the doses of green tea rise out of control. due to containing caffeine in it, that is why consumption must be as per your metabolism capacity to prevent yourself from any side effect.

  • Headache
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhoea
  • Nervousness
  • Sleep problem
  • Irritation
  • Heartburn
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Tremor
  • Absorption the iron
  • Dizziness

What are the types of green tea

Following verities have an excellent benefit in Ayurveda, and available in the market with different flavours that Is why there is towering demand to the green tea over the world. And it has become the most useful beverage in daily life.

  • Tulsi/basil green tea
  • Chamomile green tea
  • Jasmine green tea
  • Ginger flavour green tea
  • Himalayan green tea
  • Gyokuro
  • Sencha
  • Matcha
  • Kukicha
  • Bancha
  • Shincha
  • Matcha

Tulsi green tea: – Tulsi is a well-known plant, which is used mostly in the production of Ayurvedic medicine because of its loadedz nutrients. It has plenty of capacity to make normal hormone cortisol. It Maintains the smooth flow of blood and keeps body calm; it also helps to make strong metabolism and burns the access fat over the body.

Ginger flavour green tea: – ginger makes good flavour in green tea and add a powerful useful effect. It improves good digestion, mixing with green tea makes spicy and mildly tonnic.

Jasmine green tea: – Jasmine tea which is made from green tea, it has a high level of polyphenols. It lowers the level of blood sugar, controls heart disease problem, and weight loss.

These are very famous flavour beverages that are found easily anywhere, therefore try to intake daily with a suitable quantity of green tea instead of other beverages.

Hello, I am Sandip Gaikwad, The blog belongs to me. I am the creator and an author of this blog. Nowadays, health-related issues are becoming common for youngsters and all age level due to hectic schedule. most of the human are ignoring to maintain their fitness. Therefore, with huge writing experience, I am trying on my best to circulate health awareness among all. This blog will offer preventive tips, relaxation and healing techniques that will keep you all healthy and fit.

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