Follow measures to free from Corona virus infection

The coronavirus positive cases in India are rising continuously, that numbers have crossed above five lacks. The Government of India has permitted unlock in phase one with certain limitations. Therefore, people are making crowds outside their residents in market areas, and most of them travelling to continue their work. But this is the crucial time for a virus to spread more infection among people that is why people shouldn’t go out of their houses until the urgent need to step out.

In case of going out in an emergency, there are some essential tips to be preventive from infection of corona virus. Since it was announced COVID-19 is a pandemic since then the mask has become very important for each, no one can step out without wearing a mask, therefore there is grown demand for a mask that will give more protection to prevent from corona virus pandemic. We should always read the guideline which is given daily in news or by local administration and hands to be wash regularly for killing bacteria, germs that may cause infection.


The World Health Organisation and Indian Council of Medical Research also strictly suggested to wear three layers of mask or cover entire face through which the transmission of infection may break. India has listed in the world’s top hit corona virus affected countries. It is a tough job for the Government of India to control the rising number of corona virus cases.

The cities reopening in phases after a long period of complete lockdown.  The Central Government has already given authority to the state government for taking the right decision as per the situation in their particular area. The state governments making continuous strategies to prevent people from infection and provide sufficient essential services, without any shortage, Step by step restrictions are removing by the government.

Avoid to touch nose or face often, wash your hands properly with soap after touching to animals or garbage. If we got some free in unlocking of phase 1, then it’s not that we are completely free or no danger of infection. This is time to take precautions do work from home, follow social distancing norms, and keep yourself isolated.

               Hand Wash

The vaccine on corona virus is not yet developed, but expert scientists over the world exploring it, which will take nearly one year. Try to carry with you Alcohol-based hand sanitizer and tissues while going outside. Because no one has clear ideas about virus how long it remains suspended into the atmosphere. Consume healthy food that will boost the immunity system.

Don’t drink cold water, boil always before drink. No need to wander unnecessarily out of home, keep handkerchief over mouth during sneezing. Ignore freezing items such as Cold drinks and ice-cream. Do not spit in public places. Avoid going into crowded areas. If anyone finds symptoms like cough and fever then visit the nearest clinic without any delay, take medicine over-prescription of doctors after the check-up.

As per analysis, it was found that senior citizens and a patient affected by asthma, heart disease, and diabetes are at high risk so take care of them do not send them out of the home.  If necessary, then one member from the family can step out for needy things, after coming he to be washed himself and his cloth before touching others. Gargle with salty water that clear throat infection. Exercise daily at home as per your free time.

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