Bacterial infection: ways of spread, diagnosis and cure

The bacterial infection is highly harmful over or inside the human body. It may cover the whole body with infection and meningitis. The bacteria are alive things that can look through a microscope and it looks like rods and balls. It is in small size, most bacteria do not hurt you, out of its one per cent bacteria will make people sick but maximums are helpful. It has found that this helps to digest the food. It also provides required vitamins and kill other harmful cells which cause disease.

Healthy food such as yoghurt and cheese are made with using this. Food poisoning and pneumonia, are kind of illness which can be caused due to hazardous bacteria. Variety of ways are available through which you can fall ill, several similarities find between bacterial and viral infection. it can infect through spreading microbes’ bacteria and virus.

Infected bacteria are most dangerous which can cause sickness and chances to get damaged tissue. Antibiotics medicine are effective treatment over infection but need to take with careful direction. It should not often take antibiotics otherwise, once it will develop resisting power over antibiotics then that also will not work next time to get cure from infections.

Any kind of age such as children and adults may suffer by a bacterial infection, including skin, bladder, brain, lungs, intestines, brain and others, blood is also the way to spread the virus over the body. fevers, fatigue and chills are commonly found symptoms after infected the body. infection can be spread through the biting of insects, drinking contaminated water or food.

symptoms are common after infection

Symptoms vary with having an infection type that you have been detected, following are a common type of infection.

  • sneezing
  • feeling tired
  • fever
  • chills
  • body aches
  • pains
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • digestion issues
  • throat problem

Types of bacterial infections include:

  • tuberculosis
  • gonorrhoea
  • syphilis
  • chlamydia
  • bacterial vaginosis
  • bacterial cellulitis
  • food poisoning
  • strep throat
  • bacterial urinary
  • chickenpox
  • measles
  • common cold
  • influenza
  • norovirus
  • Rubell
  • polio
  • ebola

Bacteria and virus are small in size which cannot be seen without using a microscope. It’s said that it has existed for near about 3.5 billion years. that has its own reproduce capability. It is single cells creatures, can survive in a variety of environments such as cold or heat and radioactive waste.

causes of infection transmission

chances of getting infected through the direct and indirect way.

Direct infection

In some case find that infection is spread through coming contact with such kind of people who have already infected by bacteria, with having sexual contact, kissing or touching any infected living being. Getting infection through contact may spread in nearby instances as Saliva, blood, semen and nasal secretions. Maximum chances are to spread bacteria to childbirth through placenta otherwise infected mother.

Indirect infection

Many time find that environment is polluted, if anyone comes in contact with this kind of infectious environment then through these infectious organisms yourself you may catch in infection. Without knowing regarding infected object if you touch that object and then same with that hand touch your mouth, nose, a face that likely to infect you.

Polluted water and food spread infection

Through infectious creatures here is likely to be polluting water and food, consuming this kind of contaminated things chances rise to grasp you sick.

  • Carelessly preserved food
  • Unpasteurized milk
  • Food with un-proper cooked
  • Prepared cook with an unsanitary situation
  • Not abundant refrigerated
  • Juices packed without checking the quality
  • Raw Meats or seafood
  • Improper stored

Infected animal and their spread

In some cases, people often come to notice that they fall ill because of some biting of the animal. it happens due to that animal biting which is already bacterial infected. So, need to be aware of lifting any box of any animal which is infected around you.

Biting through insects

Surrounding is full with several kind of bugs, like as mosquitoes, parasites, a bite of this bacteria may cause danger illness. Typhoid, Malaria, Lyme have commonly spread diseases among the community by biting these bugs.

Diagnosis over infection

Based with highlighted symptoms now has become easier to diagnosis your infection. the doctor would prescribe antibiotic medication, but before that they take sample then they send to that sample to laboratory test for detecting actual infection. based on found laboratory testing results doctor may give you appropriate medicine which helps to cure you of caught illness. Bacterial Infection on bladder and kidney can be evaluated throughout taking a urine sample. Infection on-ear, and throat, as well as sexually transmitted contagious, can also be examined with fluid sample with taking from the affected area.

Blood test and its use

The blood test is one of the easiest and result oriented tests for detecting any kind of infection over the body. it also counts whole numbers of blood tests (CBC). Differential white blood cells (WBC) work together to give proper help to cure infections.

Some regular infection likely to be cured at home, but when it does not cure home remedies, in that case, you should consult the doctors. If the infection symptoms are going worst then it needs additional medication from the doctor’s prescription. You may require help from doctors over pain, fever, swelling, dehydration and coughing issues, and untreated normal issues can lead to major health problems.

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