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    Green tea with its benefits, ‘ayurvedic medicine gift by nature’

    Green tea is one of the best beverages among all drinks. Green tea compiles nutrients which have positive effects over the body. It benefits the health and loss of weight. Green tea is a favourite drink over the world, mainly in East of Asia. Many researchers in nutrients have explained about green tea with its benefits. Green tea has also been using as a medicine in Ayurveda for several years. It has more benefits as compare to black tea whereas green tea has no fermentation process. Green tea includes nutrients and antioxidants that play a vital role in fresh mind and healthiness. Drinking green tea is good for keep health…

  • Body mind soul

    Build confidence with simple therapy, in the way of satisfaction

    With giving essential supports and inspiration for career and studies, youngsters can be encouraged through confidence building plans. This kind of activities may develop a creative mind and their positive attitude. There are Some beneficial activities which will surely help youngsters and adults. Most of the happy and successful personalities often get to see, that they say I am such a failure, but why they forget all successful stories that they have done with their great experiences before not happen that one. if you want to do something better for children then as parents, teachers or any important valued adult can develop a sense of self-inspiration in a child. These…

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    Lockdown enforces in Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad from 13 to 23 July.

    Lock down is going to impose for the next ten days due to rising the numbers of Covid-19 pandemic patients. It is an announcement by the Maharashtra government on Friday to break the chain of spreading the coronavirus in the community, excepting essential services like dairy, medical shops, and hospitals all are going to shut from 13 to 23 July. Pune, Pimpri-Chinchwad and neighbouring district area will be under lockdown. According to the State health department, the one thousand eight hundred and three (1803) numbers of Covid -19 patients were reported positive in District, thirty-four thousand three hundred and ninety-nine (34399) are the total toll of infected person by Covid-19.…

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    Coronavirus: several scientists claim is airborne, ask WHO to revise recommendations

    Many scientists say over the world, the evidence has noticed based through that it highlights coronavirus (Covid-19) is in little particles present in the air and it may infect people. That is why ask the World Health Organisation (WHO) to make revise recommendations. The WHO is said that about the contagious of coronavirus it spreads from a chain of person to person with their droplets through nose and mouth. Primarily, there are some common sources at which chances of spreading infection likely to rapid growth, when a human infected with COVID-19 sneezes, speaks, as well as coughs. As per the statement by NYT, during inhale and exhale mostly transfer the…

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    Vitamin’s function and deficiency diseases

    Total are thirteen vitamins that are categorized into two subgroups, naturally, the body produces two vitamins (vitamin D, vitamin K) without depending on others and for remaining others have to be dependent on a variety of foods because one food does not contain all vitamins. that is why it’s must to consumed a variety of diet and supplements for the healthy nourishing body. Vitamins function with a group, to grow and make workable cells. Bodywork in good condition without any interruption with the help of vitamins. each vitamin has its importance, if a deficiency occurs of any vitamin in the body, then that can be caused health issue in the…

  • Body mind soul

    Meditation : superior way for anxiety and mental stress

    “Silence is not an absence but a presence”. Meditation is continuously performed from the long century on the earth with its enormous and incredible advantages, it is simple to meditate and available for practice without restriction. it benefits to resolve mental stress, rise calmness, brings happiness, shows clearness, makes more awareness, directs positive way, self -confidence, change habits and many more. Many humans don’t believe themselves that arriving thought inside the mind, cannot control by them. Most of them don’t know what is meditation, without knowing anything about how to perform meditation they undertake that it is such a ritual to be performed with candles and incense. Some of them…

  • Skin Care

    What makes your skin glow & digestion improve

    Aloe Vera has been using for long years in Ayurveda over the world.  it reliefs   over chronic as well as newly spreading diseases. people trust on Aloe vera because of its benefits and it has no side effects. most of the cases related to burning are noticed and this provides quick relief on it. That is why it is used over many diseases as medicine in Ayurveda. Aloe Vera works to provides stunning skin and healthy root of hair with shine. Aloe Vera improve not only externally parts of the body but also on internally infected area. one good thing is that it removes the cause of any disease from…

  • Healthy recipes

    Healthy dishes may boost immunity in lockdown

    This is time to maintain ourselves with running time, due to lockdown many, are living inside the home to protect themselves from the infection. we all need to grow an immunity system, for that just do one thing, try to consume a healthy diet as possible. some are simple dishes which you can cook at home easily. Vegetarian green Salad The concept of the salad was only limited to tomato and onion, but now it has changed completely. Salad has become a modified dish now with a mixture of a variety of healthy fruits and vegetables. Nowadays, due to rising awareness about health consciousness Attraction is more towards salad of people…

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    Follow measures to free from Corona virus infection

    The coronavirus positive cases in India are rising continuously, that numbers have crossed above five lacks. The Government of India has permitted unlock in phase one with certain limitations. Therefore, people are making crowds outside their residents in market areas, and most of them travelling to continue their work. But this is the crucial time for a virus to spread more infection among people that is why people shouldn’t go out of their houses until the urgent need to step out. In case of going out in an emergency, there are some essential tips to be preventive from infection of corona virus. Since it was announced COVID-19 is a pandemic…

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    Desire Glowing skin, don’t worry, follow tips to overcome

    Fair and glowing skin reflects your personality, the first impression is the last impression why this proverb is famous, because of its facts. Everyone wants to look handsome and beautiful, ready to pay any cost for a good look. Makeup has become a trend at any festival, function, and traditional event. All-time whenever you look yourself into a mirror that should feel surprising glow and freshness with brightened skin, but it should be natural. Several cosmetic products are available in the market, those don’t give long life result, it brings shine temporarily on the face. All want to bring shine on face naturally without using cosmetic which doesn’t give any…

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