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    What is Black fungus in Covid-19 patients? Symptoms and Treatment

    Mucormycosis a severe fungal infection has been observed in many Covid-19 patients recently. Whereas there is no major occurrence, the national Covid task force has issued a suggestion. Serious fungal infection is known as mucormycosis and colloquially as “black fungus”, is being observed frequently among Covid-19 patients in many states. The disease often appears in the skin and affects the brain and the lungs. With several mucormycosis cases detected in Maharashtra, Delhi, and Gujarat, specialists in the national Covid-19 task force issued an evidence-based recommendation on the disease. What is the Disease?                                                     It is a serious infection and caused by a group of molds which is known as micromycetes that…

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    How to lower your high blood pressure & simple practices to free

    Blood pressure is the force of your blood that pushes against the wall of your veins. Every time during heartbeat blood pumps into arteries. Blood pressure goes highest when your heart beats pumping the blood. Mainly two types of blood pressure are classified one is the systolic pressure and another is the diastolic pressure. During heart beats, pumping blood is called systolic pressure and the time when the heart is at rest condition is called diastolic pressure. Two numbers are measured during blood pressure reading, regularly systolic number comes above the diastolic number or before it. The Reading like 120/80 that means systolic is 120 and 80 will be for…

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    What is a Genetic disorder: types, causes and symptoms

    A Genetic disorder is an illness which is caused by having a change in an individual’s DNA order. Many of them get genetic disorder from their parents, In some cases, genetic mutations may occur randomly because of environmental exposure. Scientists have identified that more than 4,000 diseases  and these are caused by the transformation. Genes play a role model for building inheritance. These are circulated from parents to children, they are potential to function for holding DNA. That is brought in use for making proteins, and They work to transfer molecules from one to another place. When there is insufficient functioning by protein then it may lead to cause a…

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    Bacterial infection: ways of spread, diagnosis and cure

    The bacterial infection is highly harmful over or inside the human body. It may cover the whole body with infection and meningitis. The bacteria are alive things that can look through a microscope and it looks like rods and balls. It is in small size, most bacteria do not hurt you, out of its one per cent bacteria will make people sick but maximums are helpful. It has found that this helps to digest the food. It also provides required vitamins and kill other harmful cells which cause disease. Healthy food such as yoghurt and cheese are made with using this. Food poisoning and pneumonia, are kind of illness which…

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    Complete guidelines for the new born baby’s check ups while caring healthy grow child

    Becoming parents is a pleasure and challenging responsibility for check-ups of baby’s age-wise especially since born until next one year. Doctors recommend continuous check-ups for three to five days after baby birth, after that on first, second, fourth, sixth, ninth and twelfth month. During the check-up, many things that are essential for baby’s care are done such as growth, progress, weight, vaccination, height and several other kinds of treatments.  First, one year is one of the most crucial periods for the baby’s development in life. Maintaining booklet for a scheduled check-up of baby’s Just after the birth of baby’s doctor makes the record book for maintaining his overall information related…

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    Research and awareness which may prevent from high risk “Cancer”

    Cancer is one kind of group of diseases that compiles with the growth of abnormal cells, this can be spread as well as attacks to other parts of the human body. changes into DNA may cause the formation of cancer. This is also called genetic changes. Common types of cancer Several Kinds of cancer are found, near about more than a hundred types of cancer are generally listed. This is classified based on the place where this is formed, mainly it is formed in organs otherwise tissues. Just for better understanding brain cancer begins in the cells of the brain as well as Lung cancer is formed in the cells…

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    High level problems and solutions to be free from cholesterol

    Cholesterol is found in cells overall the body, it is such as fat-like substance. It helps the digestion along with making hormones and vitamin D. The required quantity of cholesterol is produced in everybody, which is bad as well as good for the body. It has more importance as a substance at a normal level. Cross of normal level can cause of rising high risk of heart attack and stroke. Cholesterol level and its types The level between 170 to 199 is considered as a borderline for danger cholesterol and if access more than 200 then it is said high level. For adults is assumed that the 200 to 240…

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    Consumption of Alcohol is harmful during Corona virus pandemic

    Alcohol is found mostly in spirit, wine, and beer that is why drunkenness may create problems. It is a beverage that compile drug and ethanol, this is produced by fruits, grains, and sugar-based sources. The drinking of alcohol is mostly demanded in many social activities. this kind of drink are found with three categories such as methanol, ethanol, and isopropanol. Consuming wine more than out of control may reduce body’s functioning speed, unclear speech, curtail thinking ability, and decision making. The most of the researchers have already suggested that there is no any safe level of drinking this beverage and rise risk of cancer, high blood pressure, stroke, blood clots…

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    Grow child with nutrient food, to be strong and healthy: “Health is Wealth”

    Nutrient food helps children for growing healthy during childhood. Developing fit and strong your children need to have nutrients like vitamins, carbohydrate, protein, fat, irons, minerals and it varies the quantity of requiring nourishment with rising ages. Breastfeeding as well as nutritious food feeding are an important aspect of caring for infants and young. We must try to ignore refined grains and intake fibre-based grain. Children are fond of drinking sodas and sugary fruit drinks that are not good for the body, just to keep healthy you need to provide milk and make them drink a sufficient quantity of water per day. Healthy dishes are vital for your children to…

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    Sleep disorders and measures for better improvement

    Sleep is very crucial in our daily life and it is so much essential for the body as well our daily schedule. Many people do not sleep properly therefore they are unable to focus well on their daily routine. Many are doing physical and mental work, all they need to take at least seven to eight hours of sleep daily, for their mental satisfaction and freshness. Sleep deficiency is the major problem nowadays due to working late night, workload, or personal stress, they do not give the brain required sleep, they sleep for four to five hours, therefore they have to face many problems. Sleep works as food for the…

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