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    Desire Glowing skin, don’t worry, follow tips to overcome

    Fair and glowing skin reflects your personality, the first impression is the last impression why this proverb is famous, because of its facts. Everyone wants to look handsome and beautiful, ready to pay any cost for a good look. Makeup has become a trend at any festival, function, and traditional event. All-time whenever you look yourself into a mirror that should feel surprising glow and freshness with brightened skin, but it should be natural. Several cosmetic products are available in the market, those don’t give long life result, it brings shine temporarily on the face. All want to bring shine on face naturally without using cosmetic which doesn’t give any…

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    Enrich your personality by preventing hair loss

    Hair loss is a serious universal issue. Protein and biotin both play a very essential role in the strengthening of hair, that’s why be aware of its deficiency through intake. The body requires some changes in your lifestyle if you’re taking too much coffee, then try to ignore, and sleep properly near about for eight hours in a day, if you do this carefully then definitely, after some time, your hair will start to show the amazing growing result in you. The hair loss needs proper sleep, regular intake on schedule, then the body can be maintained otherwise may cause obesity, and body structure becomes misbalance. The body consumes nutrition…

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    Mental stress: don’t panic, there is a way out.

    The mental health issue has become a crucial disease to get aware. It is spreading rapidly over the countries. It is an international issue, the whole world is fighting against that and organizing awareness programs to prevent mental issues over the universe. Lack of self-conscious is a defense mechanism of mind. Mental disease caused because of biological and psychosocial things. On this, the world health organization already has warned that if you fail to control before 2023 so, it will be one the largest issue worldwide, along with increasing the number of mental disabilities over the world. The mental health disease increasing the quantity of suicide matter more and for…

  • Live in relationship
    Body mind soul

    what do you feel? live in relationship is offense or not

    The live in relationship concept allows a legal willing couple to live together. After marriage living together, it has no objection from society but without marriage, live along with choice partners raise plenty of questions. Some developed nations have lawful rights to live in relationship. The human rights Act says that everyone has their own fundamental right for their life, no one can interfere if it is personal. Therefore, couples who are in relationship, If both want to live together then they should be authorized without hesitancy. Several legal marriage frauds are disclosing on media like already married, affairs before marriage, lesbian, and Gay. It is not wrong if couples…


    Do you believe in aphrosim ” Prevention is better than Cure” – That fits Dengue virus too”.

    Dengue is an extensive spread virus that is borne with biting of mosquitoes. It may spread more in the monsoon season because of the humid and warm climate. It is investigated by the well-known researches of global health that in arriving some years the number people are going to suffer from dengue disease, and quantity may exceed 1 billion. Mosquito of Dengue can bite anyone but Mostly the children play outside in evening and that is the insidious time of them to bite. That’s why need of the parents to be aware to keep safe you and your children out from dengue. There are a number of cases of Dengue…

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    What makes your skin glow & digestion improve

    Aloe Vera has been using for long years in Ayurveda over the world.  it reliefs   over chronic as well as newly spreading diseases. people trust on Aloe vera because of its benefits and it has no side effects. most of the cases related to burning are noticed and this provides quick relief on it. That is why it is used over many diseases as medicine in Ayurveda. Aloe Vera works to provides stunning skin and healthy root of hair with shine. Aloe Vera improve not only externally parts of the body but also on internally infected area. one good thing is that it removes the cause of any disease from…

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    Why majority of Indians suffer from Vitamin- D deficiency

    The latest research notices that majority of Indians find scarcity of vitamin D. As we know that there are some natural sources which provide vitamin D with high amount out of that sunlight is one of the biggest sources which gives sufficient vitamin D. Along with, food also intake high measure of vitamin D. Deficient of Vitamin D may play a vital role in high occurrence of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, rickets, infections of tuberculosis, and cancer.  Also, it is likely to associates with weakens the muscle and less mass over bone. That can be the cause of fractures and bone disorders. India is having an extensively consumed dairy product item…

  • Quick Weight Loss Tips for Stay Healthy and Fit
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    Best Effective Tips to Lose your Weight Quickly

    Weight loss is one of the most important issues around the world. Everyone desires to get slimmer but due to the tight schedule, they are unable to go for Exercise at the gym. Most of you are trying to get lose your weight but because of improper effort don’t get the proper shape of the body. Here are simple ways to get the desired healthy and fit life. Everybody must know that it is unbearable to lose fat from the body in some particular area. Daily half an hour exercise can get you surprisingly positive results for Losing Weight at home. Here are some very essential tips that can be…

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